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Core values & Cultur

Core Value: Customer orientation; Continuous improvement; Mutual help and win-win.
Customer orientation is the starting point for the company to meet customer needs and increase customer value. In its business activities, the company pays special attention to the investigation and analysis of customer purchasing behavior, and attaches importance to the development of new products and the innovation of marketing methods to dynamically adapt to customer needs.

Continuous improvement is based on customer needs. For deviations or deviations in our work, we continuously improve one or some operating processes to increase customer satisfaction.

Our mutual assistance and win-win include mutual assistance and win-win between us and our suppliers and customers, our company and employees, and our employees and employees.

Corporate Culture: Equality; Tolerance; Negotiation; Advance together.
We advocate equality. Equality refers to the equality between employees and employees. In terms of foreign exchanges, equality with our suppliers, customers and related stakeholders, we advocate an inclusive and open corporate culture. Emphasize teamwork, but also encourage innovation. The development of the company is inseparable from the efforts and subjective initiative of every employee. Through collective negotiation and making the best decision, the company can exert its maximum effectiveness and better serve customers and bring value to customers. In the new era, new ideas and new technologies are constantly emerging. Only when companies and employees continue to learn new knowledge and new skills can they make progress together.

Core values