Custom synthesis
Technical Advantages Customized Process IP Protection

Pesan Chemical not only provides existing commercial varieties, but also cooperates closely with customers in the field of medicine and materials.
Customers develop new products., the chemical structure we are good at is as follows:

Custom Compound
Customization process

Pesan Chemical fully understands the extreme importance of intellectual property protection to the interests of customers. We have taken comprehensive measures to protect the confidential security of each project, formulated an intellectual property protection policy and implemented it strictly throughout the company to ensure that our partners’ confidential and proprietary information is not disclosed. We will proceed to protect intellectual property from the following aspects:

Entry Confidentiality Agreement & Confidentiality Education
Every employee is required to sign a CDA (Intellectual Property Confidentiality Agreement) when he newly joins the job.
★Sign the CDA (Intellectual Property Confidentiality Agreement) according to the customer's confidentiality requirements.
★Company Confidentiality Education.

Company Information Protection
★ Unauthorized use of mobile devices to store data is prohibited.
★ A comprehensive information security system has been deployed on our Internet network and mail system.
★ The laboratory is strictly divided according to different projects, and information exchange between projects is not allowed.
★ All experiment logbooks are managed and archived without exception, and can be returned to customers upon request.