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Quality Policy

Pesan attaches great importance to product testing and inspection. We are equipped with HPLC, GC and other basic testing equipment to ensure that customers receive qualified products every time. At the same time, we also control the factors that affect product quality. We are well aware of product quality. The qualification of the product is closely related to a series of influencing factors. Therefore, we will conduct regular inspections and audits of suppliers, and conduct regular assessments on the logistics, personnel, equipment, processes, testing methods, and environment of the products involved. And check and report to the customer. In addition, we strictly select freight forwarders and establish a reliable cargo tracking system to ensure that the goods reach customers in quality and quantity.

Quality Policy

Testing Equipment

Pesan is equipped with basic testing equipment, HPLC, GC, moisture analyzer, etc. In addition, we also cooperate with external universities and other third-party structures to ensure that every batch of products delivered to our customers is of high quality and qualified.

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